The Medical Cannabis Access Group

& The Green Light Project

A revolutionary collaboration of legal UK cannabis venues.

Legal cannabis venues across the UK with a view to educate, inform, promote and destigmatise.

Our site is still being developed. We will be displaying a large directory of UK cannabis centres, downloadable resources, useful information and much, much more.

Please check back soon.


Raising Awareness

Part of the Green Light Project is to raise awareness and show people the many benefits and potential harms that cannabis has to offer in the pursuit of our fundamental human rights to good health, wellbeing and happiness.

The cannabis plant consists of over 400 compounds, not just CBD and THC. To see more information on this see here.


We believe using the correct terminology is key. We do not want to use, or encourage use of, regressive language surrounding cannabis and it's consumers.


We encourage the regulation in the industry. Consumers should have the rights to decide exactly what they want, why and how they choose to consume.

We encourage regulation so people can better understand the composition, strength and potential effects of their cannabis medication upon their health.

With the absence of NHS access to this life changing plant we support medical, regulated and grow your own access.


During the course of the last century, through the mass media misinformation of the War on Drugs, government propaganda has caused huge damage to the minds of the general public, resulting in the stigmatisation of cannabis and its consumers.

It's high time to change these misconceptions!

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